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I occasionally get requests from people that are working on projects about the Andrea Doria to put them in touch with other survivors. I will not give out any information that I don't have permission to give. However I will post information from people working on projects on the web site and let you decide if you want to participate, if you do you may contact them directly.

bulletTim Leagjeld has built a 1/125 scale model of the Andrea Doria. Here are two of his photos. 

Andrea Doria Model. Photo: Tim Leagjeld Andrea Doria Model. Photo: Tim Leagjeld
bulletPaolo Cotroneo is building a 1:100 scale model of the Andrea Doria. You can see his progress at http://www.modellinavali.com/adstoria.htm. The web site is in Italian.
bulletPietro Maviglia-A beautiful 200 scale model of the Andrea Doria built from scratch.
bulletJacob Denneman: An ambitious project to build a 1:50 scale model of the Andrea Doria. You can see his work in progress on his web site.
bulletAssociazione Navimodellisti Bolognesi: This naval modelers association has general arrangements and body plans for the Andrea Doria for anyone looking to build a model. My thanks to Maurizio Eliseo for the link. 
bulletBenedetto Costa is a crew member of the Andrea Doria and his son Feliciano created a plaque of the ships call lettters, ICEH, spelled out by nautical flags. Photo of the plaque.

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