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Reunion 2002-46th Anniversary

The Reunion Committee did not hold a reunion this year on Long Island. We hope to have a reunion next year for the 47th Anniversary of the collision. In lieu of a reunion we decided on a memorial wreath to be placed at the site of the Andrea Doria.

Thanks to your help the Memorial Wreath was a success. The "Strawberry Fields" florist located in Montauk NY created the Memorial Wreath and delivered it to the ship "Seeker" that was docked in Montauk NY preparing for the trip out to the Andrea Doria

Crewmember holding the wreath. Photo: Courtesy of Dan Crowell Wreath Closeup. Photo: Courtesy Dan Crowell

Captain Dan Crowell was scheduled to make three trips out to the Andrea Doria and we decided that he would bring the wreath out on his first trip on July 12th. Weather is a large factor in going out to the Andrea Doria and if he was not able to go out on the 12th he would try again on July 17th. Although it was early for the anniversary it was a good decision, his last trip on July 23rd was cancelled due to the weather. 

The weather on July 12th was ideal and the sea was rather calm as the "Seeker" left port at 11:00pm on July 11th for the 10-12 hour trip to the Andrea Doria. The wreath was placed in the ocean and anchored to the Andrea Doria with a length of line so the current would not carry it away. The wreath lasted for several hours until the sea and birds dismantled it. One of the divers read a short memorial containing the names of all that were lost and Captain Dan videotaped the event. During the coming months he will edit the tape and send along a few pictures for the web site.

This is the memorial that was read:

Crewman holding the wreath, William Cleary reading the memorial. Photo: Courtesy Dan Crowell

46 years ago this month two ocean liners met at the same point in space and time and changed the lives of many. The collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm was hailed as a great sea rescue and indeed it was, however we are here on behalf of the survivors and friends to remember the passengers and crew that lost their lives.

From the Andrea Doria:

Baratta, Agnese
Baratta, Margherita Pontecorvi
Bremmerman, Laura
Carlin, Jeanette
Carola, Margaret
Cianfarra, Camille
Cianfarra, Joan
Cirincione, Giuseppe
Cirincione, Rosalia
Covino, Christina
De Grandi Jr., Giuseppe
De Grandi, Lucia
Del Gaudio, Teresa Maria
Di Luzio, Maria
Di Michele, Concetta
Di Sandro, Norma
Diana, Angelina
Diana, Biaggio
Diana, Victoria
Ferraro, Josephina
Gonzales, Angelina
Grechi, Maria
Guzzi, Antonietta
Guzzi, Giuseppe
Iazzetta, Amelia
Imbelloni, Maria Theresina
Leoni, Anita Arrigoni
Palmeri, Domenico
Palmeri, Francesca Maria
Peterson, Martha
Russo, Giovanna
Russo, Maria
Russo, Michele
Russo, Vincenza
Sergio, Anna Maria
Sergio, Domenica
Sergio, Giuseppe
Sergio, Maria Concetta
Sergio, Rocco
Suozzi, Michelina
Thieriot Ferdinand
Thieriot Frances
Watres, Carl
Zumbo, Rosa
Zumbo, Vincenzo

From the Stockholm:

Anderson, Paul
Johannson, Alf
Jonasson, Carl
Osterberg, Karl
Steen, Sune
Svensson, Evert

We place this wreath to remember those who never finished their journey. 

We Will Keep Your Memory Alive.

Crewmember dropping the wreath. Photo: Courtesy Dan Crowell  Wreath in the water. Photo: Courtesy Dan Crowell

The survivors and friends of the Andrea Doria.


Many thanks to the following for donating to the Memorial Wreath:

Anna Conti Greene-Survivor
Luciano Fiume-His father, Salvatore, created some of the paintings that were displayed on the Andrea Doria.
Raffaele Minotauro-His father Gaetano was a crew member on the Andrea Doria.
Carmina Ruggiero Iuso-Survivor
Joseph Galante-Friend of the Andrea Doria.
Pat Carboni-Survivor
Andrew Calvano-Born on the Andrea Doria in March of 1954
Mr & Mrs. Carl DiPilato-Brother of survivor Angela Grillo
Angela Grillo and her son Anthony-Survivors
Pierette Domenica Simpson-Survivor


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