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Cabin Class Passengers Continued
Mr. Sam (Salvatore) Boarded in Naples
O'Ryan Mrs. Edith 56 yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Savannah GA.   had a good word for the crew. "They were really wonderful," she declared. "People complained because they didn't know what was going on, but the crew managed as well they could under the conditions." She was treated for rope burns on her hands at Roosevelt Hospital.
Palmeri Mr. Baldassare
Mrs. Giovanna
Mr. James
Boarded in Naples
Panelli Mr. Angelo Boarded in Genoa
Mr. Bert
Mrs. Selena
Boarded in Naples. From San Francisco CA. Selena was rescued by the Thomas.
Aided by a friend Mrs. Maria Paparone makes her way up the pier.
Mr. Gaetano
Mrs. Maria
Boarded in Naples. Gaetano was rescued by the Thomas. Maria was rescued by the Ile de France.
Patrito Mr. Giovanni Boarded in Genoa
Paxton Marion Pat 31 yrs Boarded in Naples
Peri Mr. Mario Boarded in Genoa
Peterson Mr. Warren C.
Mrs. Helen
Boarded in Gibraltar
Pick Prof. John
Mrs. Cecilia 47 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. John was a professor from Marquette University. Rescued by the Stockholm. Both are deceased.
Prata Mrs. Margherita 42 yrs
Son Enrico 11yrs
Boarded in Naples. Berthed in B Deck cabin 555. Separated from his mother during the rescue Enrico was rescued by the Stockholm and Margherita by the Ile de France. Margherita lives in Italy and Enrico in the US.
Frank and Alda toast their good fortune from their Bronx apartment. (Mirror Photo-Bob Gilman
Mr. Frank 29yrs
Mrs. Alda 17yrs
Boarded in Naples. From Latina, Italy. On the way to the Bronx. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital. Rescued by the Cape Ann. Alda lives in the US and Frank passed away in 1991.
Ranieri Miss. Leonieda Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Rapp Mr. Arthur
Mrs. Paula
Boarded in Naples
Ricci Mr. Antonio Boarded in Naples
Riccio Mr. Silvio Boarded in Naples
Riggi Mrs. Seirica Maria
Son Antonio
Son Pietro
Son Giuseppe
Boarded in Naples
Rigby Mr. Gordon
Mrs. Olga
Boarded in Naples
Ritter Dr. Saul A. (Leo) 63yrs
Mrs. Pearl D.
Boarded in Gibraltar. Both treated at Roosevelt Hospital
Rocklin Mr. Julius Paul
Mrs. Carlyn L.
Boarded in Cannes
Sager Mrs. Lettie Boarded in Naples
Salcetti Miss. Helen Boarded in Naples
San Felice Miss. Dorothy Boarded in Naples: Walking on the Promenade deck before bedtime, she was hurled the whole width of the deck when the ships collided. In the dense fog before impact, "There were no officers in sight and only a few deckhands and they were in a fog themselves. We had to use our own judgement. We stood around like dummies waiting to tell us something and they didn't," she complained. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Schoenborn Mr. Frank Boarded in Naples. From Valley Stream NY. Was traveling with his mother Justine Messina. Rescued by the Stockholm.
A Red Cross nurse helps Lena Scianimantico ashore. She suffered hand injuries in the rescue. Photo: Paul Rice
Mrs. Lena M. 37 yrs From Elmhurst, NY. Boarded in Naples. Asleep and did not feel the impact. Was awaken by shouts and made her way up to the boat deck. Burned her hands sliding down a rope. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Scirica Mr. Matteo
Mrs. Anna
Son Antonino
Son Paolo Giovanni
Boarded in Naples. The Scirica party consists of 10 nieces and nephews coming to live with Mr & Mrs John Scirica. All of the names are unknown. Three nephews were rescued by the Ile de France.
Sciulli Mr. Nicola Boarded in Naples
Sejda Jr. Dr. Martin  B. 49 yrs
Mrs. Mary  E. 42 yrs
Daughter Dolores 24 yrs
Son-Martin Robert 13yrs
Boarded in Naples. Dr. Martin Sejda of Chester, PA, was sitting in the ballroom with his wife Mary, 42, and daughter Dolores. "The crash was only five feet from us," he said. "It sounded like an explosion, there was glass and smoke flying in."
His son, Martin, had been standing on deck near the Cabin Class swimming pool, looking into the fog. "I saw the other ship coming toward us," he said. "I saw it hit. It was swerving to sideswipe us instead of hitting us directly." After the first fleeting instant of shock, the confusion followed. Then hours of agonozing waiting to be saved. There were heroes and cowards aboard the Andrea Doria. Dolores said she saw a man tear away her father's lifebelt and run off with it. "Father found another man with two lifebelts and shamed him into giving one up," she said.
Martin, Dolores and Martin Jr.  were rescued by the Thomas.
Silenzi Mrs. Agnes Boarded in Naples
Sinnott Mr. Robert A.
Mrs. R.A.
Boarded in Genoa. From San Francisco. Rescued by the Stockholm
Libora_Sortino.jpg (32985 bytes)
Mr. Giuseppe
Mrs. Giuseppa
Daughter Libora Maria 6 yrs
Boarded in Naples.

Photo (Sussman): Libora Sortino looks up at a sales girl helping her into new clothes provided by the Red Cross. Her mother is standing behind her.

Mr. George Boarded in Genoa
Mrs. Ann (Charles R.) Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Stevens Mr. William B.
Mrs. Marie 43yrs
Boarded in Genoa. From Norwalk, CT. Were in the water for 15 minutes before being picked up by a lifeboat.
Stoller Mr. Mike 23 yrs
Mrs. Meryl
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann. Mike Stoller went on to gain greater fame as part of the song writing duo of Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller. (Stand By Me, On Broadway). Both living in the US as of Jan 2004.
Swanson Mrs. June Boarded in Naples
Talierco Mrs. Giuseppina Boarded in Naples
Torelli Mr. Giovanni Boarded in Genoa
Tosi Ms. Patricia Baorded in Cannes
Trabucco Mr. Domenico
Mrs. Maria
Boarded in Naples
Treat Mrs. Stella H.
Daughter Charlotte
Boarded in Gibraltar
Treglia Mr. Domenico Boarded in Naples
Treglia Mr. Giovanni Boarded in Naples
Mr. Robert J. Boarded in Genoa
Urban Mrs. Mary Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Vulpis Mr. Gaetano 71 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France
Watres Mr. Carl E. 50 yrs
Mrs. Lillian
Boarded in Naples. From Manasevan NJ.Rescued by the Stockholm. Carl died of a heart attack enroute to New York. The 49th fatality.
Mrs. Adelaide
Daughter Cheryl
Boarded in Naples. From Brooklyn NY. Rescued by the Thomas.
Zamparo Mrs. Giovanna Palumbo 25 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Ile de France. Living in Italy.


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